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COVID-19 has dramatically affected the way we live. For many people all over the world, the impact simply does not stop at work or the ability to see people but on the spillover impacts of the economic impact, including a rise in hunger. Even before the virus, a population more than twice the size of the United States went to bed hungry. As COVID hits the most vulnerable economies, the impact of the pandemic translates into poverty as millions of people’s sources of income fall due to job losses. But if governments and businesses take action now, they can prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from becoming a hunger pandemic.


Léocadia Tchouaffé
Regional Organizer- Midwest Region
The ONE Campaign

Originally from Atlanta GA, Léocadia graduated from The George Washington University in Washington,D.C in 2019, having studied political science as well as history.  There, she focused primarily on migration and politics of Africa, including spending a year in France studying human rights.  In her current position at The ONE Campaign, she oversees seven states in the Midwest organizing volunteers to have a direct impact on federal legislation that saves lives from HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, poverty and much more.  Prior to her position as Regional Organizer for The ONE Campaign, she worked in refugee resettlement in Kansas City, Missouri where she currently resides.

Maddy Vonhoff
Regional Organizing Manager- West Coast Region
The ONE Campaign

Maddy Vonhoff currently works as a Regional Organizing Manager with the ONE Campaign. She oversees grassroots organizing and advocacy in eight states while mobilizing college students, community volunteers and faith leaders to have a direct impact on federal legislation and budgets that help save lives. Prior to her work at ONE, she worked at the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, first as a Legislative Aide and then as a Project Manager for the Alternatives to the Death Penalty Campaign. She attended Western Washington University where she majored in Psychology and minored in French. 


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