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The Borlaug Centennial: Celebrating an agricultural and humanitarian hero
In honor of Norm, tell us how
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Kitgum, UG, UG

United Statrs Peace Corps

Irene S. Kargbo

Wooster, OH, US

I will help feed the world by developing bio-pesticides for managing stem-borers on rice which can be adopted by resource-poor farmers to assist them in producing higher yields.

Erdenebeleg Tudev

Ulaanbaatar, MGL, MN

I`am pleased to join the world of the development. Iam proudly to present my research and outcome orientation of the Mongolia`s and Asian country specific tradition and its responses to the climate change and adaptation policy system development issues.

Emma Murphy

Cortland, NY, US

I pledge to educate everyone around me about the reality of world hunger and encourage others to take a stand as I did.

Pam Guthrie

Saint Paul, MN, US

I am helping to feed the world through micro loans to women in Pakistan and Afghanistan through Kiva. I have been making these little loans for over ten years and have seen wonderful results. I pledge to continue to help feed the world by whatever means I can.

Getinet Seid

Jimma, Ethiopia, Oromia, ET

I am a student of MSc in natural resource management in specialization of Forest and Nature Conservation. I need your help in a thesis funding. What do you recommend me please?

Missoula FFA

Missoula, MT, US

We pledge to always advocate for agriculture to the best of our abilities, both within our community and globally. We will continue to educate others about the importance of agriculture. We will use what we have learned through FFA and put it into practical use and lead our lives with as much passion and dedication as Norman Borlaug, The Father of...

Saralyn Standley

Missoula, MT, US

I started feeding the world in seventh grade when I raised a market goat for the fair. The next year I took a hog and the following two years, I have taken market steers. I have a breeding sow and a litter of weaner pigs. I have taken part in several hay productions. I am going to become an ag teacher so that I can teach the next generation how to...

Sidney Steele

Milton, IN, US

I pledge to always obtain as much knowledge as I can to help fight hunger throughout the world. We have the resources and the knowledge to end world hunger, and I pledge to use that knowledge and resources to do everything I can possibly do. In everything I do in my future, I pledge to always strive to find ways to end hunger throughout the world.

Nicole Kreider

Ames, IA, US

I pledge to recognize and express gratitude for the opportunities I have received, and work to return the favor by working to empower those less fortunate worldwide. We may be only students, but our generation must be the generation to end hunger and inequality worldwide. Learning about impoverished can make our world reach its full potential.

Leon Deng

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to love Mother Nature the way love my family and school. I will conserve our natural resources and try to fund raise for programs that provide solutions for those in need.

Nithya Chennupati

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to raise awareness about world hunger to everyone I meet. I will try my best to advocate for change in order to save the world.

Brittany Hegstad

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to not waste food and do everything in my power to end world hunger, through pursuing higher education and spreading knowledge to others.

Charlotte Emerson

Gainesville, FL, US

Educate students at the University of Florida and across the state of Florida!

Hans Riensche

Jesup, IA, US

My pledge as a producer is to help advocate for agriculture so that all people can know what we grow, how we grow it and why we live the lives we do. My mission is to leave no unanswered questions for the consumer in agriculture and create sustainable solutions for the issues that agriculture is yet to face.

Hans Riensche

Jesup, IA, US

My pledge as a producer is to help advocate for agriculture so that all people can know what we grow, how we grow it and why we live the lives we do. My mission is to leave no unanswered questions for the consumer in agriculture and create sustainable solutions for the issues that agriculture is yet to face.

Midland FFA

Wyoming, IA, US

Educate others about agriculture as well as the importance for all in society; both in rural and urban areas. When we are educated we can make a difference in our community, state, country, and world.

Isaac Munoz

Rock Valley, IA, US

I pledge to not waste food.

Perla Carmenate

Des Moines, IA, US

Educate farmers in less developed countries how to farm more efficiently.

Celeste Hampton

West Milford, NJ, US

My 4-H Club students built a seed bank at the West Milford Township Library, West Milford, NJ, where anyone can check out or drop off seeds for free. The children have also sent thousands of these seeds to missionaries who are putting the packets into the hands of people who need the food in schools and orphanages in places such as Precious Life Or...


newton, IA, US

I will hold food drives to help people from being hungry and will encourage others to have food drives too.

eid elsaid abd elaziz soliman

Giza, big cairo, EG

keep the health of poultry through perfect diagnosis and fast treatment specially backyard

Alvin Smucker

East Lansing, MI, US

Addressing the goal to lift whole generations out of poverty, we are developing a soil water retention technology (SWRT) that doubles soil water content in the plant root zone. Expansion of this new long-term naturally functioning SWRT provides crop resilience to increasing climate volatility of drought and salinity while using less water.


Kewaskum, WI, US

Through soil science, eliminate the impact of contaminants which cause stressed vegetation. Much of the contamination is due to "tailored genetics" that giant agricultural companies develop for use with specific chemicals of theirs. They are narrowing the genome, thus rendering crops susceptible to disease. I pledge to work for genetic diversity.

paola sarcina

rome, RM, IT

As artistic director of Cerealia Festival. The Fest of Grains, I will work hard togather with our partners in Italy and Europe to promote a sustainable agriculture and we will collaborate with FIDAF and other National Academies to support the work of young women resercers

Zeinabou Saidou Baraze

Niamey, Niamey, NE

Potentiel Terre is an association that works with youth and women in farming and aviculture. We provide them with land and teach them to skills to farm and/or to raise chicken on a small scale so that they can feed their families but also be able to sell the excess they might have. The goal is for them to be food secure and become independent.

Navdeep Brar

Faridkot, Punjab, IN

My pledge, as an agriculturist is to help d farmers to use new n high yielding crop varieties practising sustainable as to make true d saying ""Punjab " d golden sparrow" .... i want d youth to do hard work instead rushing to foreign countries to earn bread...To sum up..its hightym to.join hands for d development of r country befor...

Emmanuel Kyereh

Cape Coast, Cape Coast, GH

I will work hard as a Post harvest Technologist to reduce food insecurity and eradicate hunger among farm families in Sub Saharan Africa by reducing post harvest losses along the value chain.

Sonia Maciel

Pemba, Cabo Delgado, MZ

My pledge, as an animal scientist researcher and veterinarian, working now in rural development programs is to continue investing in education so that rural families, the poorer improve their learning and living skills to provide quality food for their families and have extra to generate income. In parallel, we also have to invest in better health...

Alex Rauber

Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

i pledge to not oppose a single agricultural technology, but instead look at all solutions to the issues we face trying to feed a growing planet

Faith Strunk

Connersville, IN, US

In my attempts to feed the world, I will learn to preserve more and educate more people about the struggles of food deprivation. I will help in my community to ensure that everyone is aware of the food insecurities everywhere, and not just over seas. I will also volunteer in various food related events in or around my community.

Dakota Roy

Pomona, KS, US

My pledge is to continue the research I have done so one day every man, woman, and child will have food and not know what being hungry feels like.

Hubert Rustler

Waldsassen, Bavaria, DE

As a farmer (60) I will try to share my compassion of this most important profession to the young farmers and the public. I'll not get tired to convince people that modern plant breeding and production methods have the potential to save welfare of mankind and earth in many ways. I'll try to give a good example for responsibility in farming.

Bill Hutchison

Saint Paul, MN, US

My pledge is to continue to do my best at bringing sound science based solutions to the grain, fruit and vegetable productivity needs of small holder farmers and families. And, to fight against the misinformation campaigns that wish to limit appropriate and proven technologies -- from conservation ag. to genetically engineered crops. Professor, UMN

Yassine Dguidegue

sala al jadida, Rabat, MA

For Norman Borlaug's goal to take place,there is a huge need for two main driving forces: - Innovation: already started by Borlaug'commitment and legacy; a legacy I have myself learned from by interacting with different stakeholders fighting hunger and poverty. - Borlaug's legacy won't thrive without strong communities who maximize interactions and...

Yassine Dguidegue

Columbia, Missouri, MA

For Norman Borlaug's goal to take place,there is a huge need for two main driving forces: - Innovation: already started by Borlaug'commitment and legacy; a legacy I have myself learned from by interacting with different stakeholders fighting hunger and poverty. - Borlaug's legacy won't thrive without strong communities who maximize interactions and...

James "Larry" Sweeney

Ankeny, IA, US

I will continue to conduct tours of the World Food Prize, to spread the work of the importance of fighting World Hunger. I will also continue to support the Food Pantry at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

Beth Uthoff

Solon, IA, US

I pledge to raise awareness about wasting food through speeches and presentations. I want to live up to my full potential.

Chris Green

Eldridge, IA, US

I pledge to continue my support of Amka Afrika, a school in Babati, Tanzania. We have brought protein into the students' diets with the chickens we purchased and support!!! Thanks, Norm for your inspiration!!!!

Mia Battani

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to honor Norman Borlaug by raising awareness of the issues that are raised by human rights that get in the way of food security.

Will Pieper

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to follow in the footsteps of Norman Borlaug by raising awareness of the need of infrastructural reforms in Nigeria.

Michael White

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to raise awareness on the problems of malnutrition in places like South Africa, and how this problem supports the spread of things like poverty, operational effectiveness, and disease.

Kaleb Brooks

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to follow in the footsteps of Norman Borlaug by raising awareness of diseases that prevent farmers from being able to produce as much.

Hannah Pagel

Sumner, IA, US

I pledge to be an advocate for the agriculture industry and tell agriculture's story to other people. I want to help connect farmers with consumers and promote the benefits this industry has to offer to the world.

Sophie Rotole

Bloomfield, IA, US

I want to follow in the steps of Norman Borlaug by learning more about sustainable agriculture and promoting these solutions through a major in marketing.

Abrah Meyer

Readlyn, IA, US

I pledge to help solve food insecurity by addressing geopolitical issues and barriers that restrict transportation and dispersion of food around the world.


Des Moines, IA, US

I plan to follow in the footsteps of Norman by giving back through educating the future agriculturalists on the importance of agriculture.

Rebecca Lyons

Clinton, IA, US

I will educate about sustainable agriculture in developing nations.

Abbie Wix

Allison, IA, US

I pledge to promote animal health around my community, and ultimately, the world. I will follow the path Norman Bourlag has paved.

Laura Mincks

Columbus Junction, IA, US

I pledge to encourage healthy eating habits by modeling good eating habits and exercise. I want to educate the youth to create a promising future for the world.

Renee Borglum

Waverly, IA, US

To reduce my impact on the global food chain by growing as much of my own food as possible.

Scott Starr

Council Bluffs, IA, US

I pledge to encourage others to find ways to improve food security in other countries and ours.

Lorraine Duitsman

Council Bluffs, IA, US

I pledge to encourage students to help solve World Hunger by entering fields of agriculture and research.

Marek Jurkiewicz

Rzeszow, podkarpackie, PL

I pledge to develop a sustainable supply chain for chicken growers and consumers around the world by applying best available technology in our industry.

Kristen R

Fredericksburg, IA, US

I pledge to help alleviate world hunger by raising awareness about food security and agriculture in my community. I also plan to volunteer at meal packaging projects, along with volunteering at my local food bank. I make this pledge as I want to inspire people in alleviating world hunger just as Dr. Norman Borlaug inspired me.

Marina S.

Ankeny, IA, US

In honor of Dr. Norman Borlaug, I pledge to continue to educate myself and those around me about the importance of food security. I also pledge to raise awareness about food sustainability issues that occur throughout the world.

Madeline G.

St Paul, MN, US

In order to continue Dr. Norman Borlaug's legacy of feeding the world, I pledge to help educate those around me of the need for enough nutritious food that will be of need to the 9 billion people that will be on earth by the year 2050.

Maya M.

Ames, IA, US

I plan to volunteer at local meal packaging projects to send more food to the areas where it's needed, and also to donate to local causes.

Owen F.

Des Moines, IA, US

I will learn more about growing my own garden so I can help provide food for my family and my community.

maria concilio

south orange, NJ, US

I will help feed the world by supporting organic farmers that work hard to grow nutritious crops in the face of contamination from genetically engineered fields that are designed with pesticides and herbicides within them so when we eat them we are eating toxins. Organic farmers know how to safely grow our food with true techniques that don't harm...

John Hill Price

Navasota, TX, US

Work to breed better crop varieties to help feed people in developing countries as well as in the United States

Jim Chamberlin

Deerwood, MN, US

I pledge to advocate for ecological based agriculture methods that restore soil health, diversity, and crop resilience. I pledge to grow food that restores ecosystem services, supports human health and serves as an example how citizens of the world can achieve food sovereignty.

Li Yifan

Shijiazhuang, Hebei, CN

I pledge to save every grain of rice, and foster the awareness of food insecurity. I will let more and more individuals know about the situation which we are facing and try to solve them through everyone's effort.

Tara Mittelberg

Evanston, IL, US

I pledge to promote dialogues on campus about agriculture, biotechnology and sustainability.

Zeke Hughes

Riverdale, UT, US

I pledge to end Hunger in my community

James Gallie

Clearfield, UT, US

I pledge to donate more food to the food drive and help the cadets at Utah military academy

Jordon Abney

Willard, UT, US

I Pledge to HELP the people in my community, family, and cadets at the Utah Military Academy.


Layton, UT, US

I pledge to inform more people about Norman Borlaug and inspire them as he did me.

Ashton Ames

North Ogden, UT, US

I pledge to help feed the homeless and poor people in my community.

Trenten Vollmer

Ogden, UT, US

I PLEDGE to make a difference in my community and help my family, friends and my school.

Taewan Park

Goyang, Gyeonggi, KR

I pledge to continue to study agriculture for my neighbor who are starving in North Korea and whole World.

Yogendra Shankar Nerkar

Pune, Maharashtra, IN

As an ex-agricultural scientist and presently working as a practicing small farmer,I am producing seed of improved varieties of food grains and distributing it to the local farmers.I am also organising demonstrations of improved farm practices on my farm and training of the farmers of the surrounding villages for the past 10 years. I will continue...

The Forgotten Ones, Inc.

Oviedo, FL, US

Our agency pledges to continue to feed people in need through our monthly outreach event called “The Last Saturday of The Month” (LSOM). We provide free groceries, free haircuts, and free lunch. Since 2008, we have partnered with local churches, community groups, and volunteers to provide this event to anyone in need in our community. To date we ha...

Robert Kiama

Nairobi, Kenya, KE

Kenya is characterized by young generation.Over 60% of the population are young generation and majority are not employed.This simply means that the working population will have to support a large and growing number of young people. These younger people will need employment and opportunities for better standards of living. In order to ameliorate thi...


Nicholasville, KY, US

I pledge to support sustainable agriculture and advocate for the importance of Agricultural research while hopefully contributing with research of my own, eventually.


Pontiac, MI, US

I will give people homes that they can live and have a family. I will build schools for an education for children.

Kassidi Blanchard

Gray, LA, US

I would like to set up an arrangement with all restaurants to open their doors at the end of every day to people that do not have the capability to provide food to their family. This gives the person food to bring home to their family and also assists the restaurant with disposing of the remaining food at the end of the day.

Cale J-Finnegan

Des Moines, IA, US

I pledge to eat everything on my plate instead of wasting food.


Ankeny, IA, US

We pledge to continue teaching young people how to grow their fruits and vegetables through school garden activities at Crocker Elementary School.

Sara Canella

Noventa Padovana, Italy, IT

Hello! I would like to explain you what we are developing with Solwa Technology (a solar system to treat water awarded by the United Nations as Innovation for Human Development). We have an integrated solar system for farming in barren areas, treating sea water thanks to solar energy. Furthermore, we have developed a solar system to dry food faster

Emily Amundson

Dassel, MN, US

In honor of Dr. Norman Borlaug, I am going to go to school to study international agriculture and global studies to further my knowledge of farming systems around the world. After I graduate, I hope to travel the world to help developing countries find efficient and sustainable agricultural methods.


Kimberley, Northern Cape, ZA

i have started growing food in pallets and i am teaching about 200 people from around my city to do the same

Kyle Schmit

Eagle, ID, US

During my botany class, we read the biography of Norman Borlaug, through out this reading i became inspired to make a difference in the lives of the many hungry people in the world today. I pledge to find cheap safe solutions which can help to produce more food on less land with lower costs, to help feed the hungry people in the world.

Giwa Zakariyyah

Ibadan, Oyo, NG

farming is a two way thing, solving problems and making profit. but their are so many challenges facing farmers which deprive him/her of the above two, but with mentors like Dr. Borlaug I strongly believe I will excel and solve the problem of chronic hunger which about 842 million people surfers from presently

Timothy William

Calgary, AB, CA

I have been immensely inspired by the life and contributions of Dr. Norman Borlaug and hence have left my salaried job and started my own oraganization to serve farmers. I have identified the gaps in the local farmers' practices and trying to fill the gaps through free training programs on best agricultural practices.

Vasanth Kumar

Mysore, Karnataka, IN

I have been immensely inspired by the life and contributions of Dr. Norman Borlaug and hence have left my salaried job and started my own oraganization to serve farmers. I have identified the gaps in the local farmers' practices and trying to fill the gaps through free training programs on best agricultural practices. I have established a plant cli...

Kim Hiskett

Pickrell, NE, US

I Pledge to feed the people


bristol, Bristol, GB

I pledge to apply my molecular biology research to wheat breeding, and to take my knowledge and skills to the corners of the world where they are most needed, and to continue the Borlaug philosophy of fighting hunger.


tehran, tehran, IR

A student, a farmer, a doctor and a scholar all gathered in one individual, an ordinary person but hardworking, an ordinary person but single-minded. A young man who hadn’t afford to continue his education and had to do farming, didn’t think of winning the Nobel prize. Could he imagine that conferences and commemorations will be held in his honor?...


tehran, tehran, IR

Food production security and fight against poverty and hunger in the world seems impossible with the help of just one person or an organization, but only one person is enough to start. In my opinion we all don’t need to do research, be educated or scientist, knowing this point that whilst we eat, our friends die of hunger, could be sufficient. Whil...

Trevor Pickard

Douglas, NE, US

I pledge that I will help our country by donating food to some food banks so that I can feel better about myself and know that I did the right thing today.

max melvin

adams, NE, US

i helped with the garden and we are donating it to the food drive. we have community days and its all free the to community and we feed them.

Ryan Errotabere

San Diego, CA, US

To honor Dr. Borlaug, I pledge to help end the planet's food shortages forever by keeping the global population at or below 5 billion people. It will not be an easy feat, but after several years of hard work and noble effort, we can attain and maintain a sustainable human population. Poorer regions will not have to feed so many mouths.

Jacob Neil

Adams, NE, US

I pledge to help in our school food drive and I did help in our community garden and all the food went to the local food bank.

Evonne Morrell

Chester, CT, US

Perhaps it is a bit weak to say it, but I know that I as a person cannot hope to change the world alone. I need friends, family and perhaps even the caring stranger to help me. One person cannot change the world, but I might as well try, lest I miss the opportunity to help out at all. I will, one person at a time, feed the world.

Dr Stephen Davis

Palm Desert, CA, US

Dear Freinds, We found that this problem required a much deeper level of research and a much higher level of consciousness to solve. Including highlights like a optimized symbiotic healing garden c 1425 Tuscany Italy and our faorite Soup Recipes like

Kandodo Isaac Maganga

Lilongwe, Central, MW

As a Seed Inspector and Agronomist, I will be training small holder farmers on production of good quality seed of improved varieties.This will increase access to good quality seed and the adoption rate of improved varieties in the rural communities. In 5 years time there will be increase in yields and food security won't be an issue in Malawi.

Tony Jensen

Adams, NE, US

I pledge to continue teaching students where their food comes from, giving them opportunities for careers which feed the world, and teaching them the importance of service to their neighbors and friends in need. I pledge to help our FFA chapter continue to create innovative projects which will help feed the hungry in our local communities.

Stephanie Mann

Crofton, NE, US

I will share my passion for helping others with my students, hopefully creating a ripple effect of awareness, compassion and problem-solving!

Squash and Awe Farm

Kamuela, HI, US

I will be teaching free classes in public libraries to help the people of Hawaii island grown their own food. I have been able to successfully grow several varieties of heirloom squash that I found to be naturally resistant to Melon fly and Pickle worm. Hawaii has been importing 95% this crop over 3000 miles for 7 years due to these pests.

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