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The Borlaug Centennial: Celebrating an agricultural and humanitarian hero
In honor of Norm, tell us how
you'll help feed the world.
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Rachel Cramer

Colombo, Western Province, LK

I will assist the efforts of the International Water Management Institute, communicating scientific research on land and water management in Africa and Asia to policy makers and the public for a more sustainable future of food production.


coralville, IA, US

I pledge to fight hunger on the local level in my daily activities by giving to local food pantries and helping to distribute the donated items to those most in need.

Brittney Zumbach

Manchester, IA, US

I will EDUCATE and help grow food leaders for the future!

Ginny Schmidt

Keswick, IA, US

My chapter learned about the Pledge to Fight Hunger Program and our chapter made the pledge to fight hunger by planning and organizing a meal packaging event inspired by Meals from the Heartland. This will be an awesome opportunity for our chapter and other chapters to come together and fight hunger around the world.

Bailey Davis

Keswick, IA, US

I pledge to fight hunger by participating in a meal packaging event that our FFA chapter is putting on at our school through Meals from the Heartland.

Emma Bair

Keswick, IA, US

I pledge to help organize a meal packaging event with my FFA Chapter. I will also donate my time with multiple organizations because the feeling you get from helping others is the best feeling in the world. I hope that my time spent towards this will encourage others to do something for people who need it.

Ben Edmundson

Keswick, IA, US

I pledge to help fight hunger by helping our chapter when we package meals at state FFA convention


Delta, IA, US

I pledge to help the fight against world hunger by helping our school sponsor a meals from the heartland packaging event.


Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to volunteer in different organizations to help hungry families. I will help donate and fundraise for organizations that are trying to end world hunger.

Des Moines FFA

Des Moines, IA, US

We will communicate the importance of the growing world population to the people of urban Des Moines. Additionally, we will stress the importance of agricultural education and attempt to increase enrollment in these courses.

Nathan Swartz

Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

I pledge to find new ways for advocating for change in society in my country. Educating and empowering youth to leave a legacy that will create footprints of change that will benefit many generations to come...#ProudlySouthAfrican

Abbi Denner

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to continue to expand my knowledge on major food security issues in other countries, and to help educate others on ways they can help.

Alexa Long

Ankeny, IA, US

I pledge to continue to donate to the local food bank and encourage others in my community as well.

Steve Hickle

Raleigh, NC, US

I will continue to work for Stop Hunger Now to equip children around the world to break the cycle of generational poverty through school feeding programs.

Aleyna Bakirli

Istanbul, Marmara, TR

I pledge to give back to my community by inspiring people and raising awareness to take steps and fight against the food insecurity around the world.

Jaya Santiya

Purwakarta, West Java, ID

I pledge to help empower the education for children and teenagers in my community in my country, Indonesia. I hope by helping empower the education I can make a better world, and will help other teens to experience a better life.

Ethan Bennett

ankeny, IA, US

I will continue to be vegetarian to reduce the amount of food I consume.

Mimi Teerathammongkol

Pathum Thani, Pathum Thani, TH

Try to get the government in Thailand help the farmers. Provide more information and help about the agricultural technology.

Gina Mostafa

Bettendorf, IA, US

I pledge to amplify the detrimental and preventable issue of malnutrition and take every opportunity to combat global food insecurity.

Rekha Karuparthy

Bettendorf, IA, US

As a student at Pleasant Valley High School, I will strive to fight world hunger by pursuing different projects in my area and on a global scale. By aligning health issues, like malaria, with food productivity I can decrease the poverty level, therefore increasing the basic standard of living.

Dr. LaJoy Spears

St. Paul, MN, US

In honor of Dr. Borlaug, I pledge to work to build a dynamic, engaging, and educational Minnesota Youth Institute that promotes scholarship, empowers youth, and dedication to improving food security issues and eventually ending world hunger.


Kakamega, Kakamega, KE

Empower women, men and youth to practice sustainable agriculture to ensure adequate nutrition for all people.


Spencer, IA, US

I pledge to inform the public about agriculture and how we will need there support in helping to stop world hunger by expanding agricultural practices. I also pledge to do this in the most efficient ways as possible and keep expanding my knowledge on how to raise livestock and grow crops along with spreading my knowledge to other agriculturists.

Mariam Horton

Christmas Valley, OR, US

As a young member of the agricultural society I plan on continuing my family farm after I graduate. Raising quality alfalfa and timothy is what I love. Raising cattle and sheep to better our production animals for advancing our genetics to produce as much food as possible humanly. I pledge to better our world for the great kind of all man.


Blanchard, IA, US

I will take care of farm my ground as wisely and as carefully as I can. I will also keep advocating for the farmers. I will not be afraid to stand in front of anyone who will listen to spread that very important message. Dr. Borlaug started a huge world project and we need to carry it on using any medium necessary.

Bob Sutton

Jamestoen, RI, US

I pledge to continue what I and another person started in 2001, the Jamestown Community Farm. The Farm is a vegetable, chicken, beef, bee operation on 17 acres of donated land in Jamestown RI. The farm donates its produce to food pantries around the State of RI. The Farm is a sustainable, all volunteer (about 150 volunteers each year), 501 c(3) non...

Roy Whitman

Willamina, OR, US

I pledge to continue supporting our food for all food drive after retirement and encouraging students to take an active part in the collection, packaging and distribution of food to people in need.

Elijah Dunnavant

Glide, OR, US

And on the ninth day God looked down on his planned paradise and said, I need a tool that that will till up the ground. A tool that will be the labor and tillage of the soil. So God made a plow. A tool that will be the guidelines for an agriculture community. That would be a voice in the classroom for an organization that wears the blue and gold. A...

Cheyair Balfour

Roseburg, OR, US

I will give away our left over vegetables and fruit to the less fortunate from our family garden.

Kayla de Hoop

Klamath Falls, OR, US

I will help feed the world by advocating for agriculture and supporting our farmers

Kathy Mayfield

Clackamas, OR, US

Students who exit our program will have hands on experience growing their food on our 14-acre school farm. They will also produce enough to donate to the hungry students in our school district comprised of 27,000 students. Every student will also understand contentious issues facing agriculture and be advocates for our industry!

Meghan Biggs

Klamath Falls, OR, US

Agricultural students in the Ag Science & Technology Program at Henley High School leave with a thorough understanding of where their food, fiber, and fuel comes from and how it is produced. These students strive for premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

Christina Lorenz

Roseburg, OR, US

Students who graduate from my agricultural education program will understand where their food, fiber and fuel comes from. They will also be prepared to positively influence the world through agriculture and advocate for the industry that keeps us alive.

Korrie Shull

Pilot Rock, OR, US

I still strive to educate every student and FFA member who is apart of my agriculture education program so they will be better prepared as leaders and will have the knowledge and understanding of where their food and fiber comes from to help advocate for Agriculture

Dan McNary

Prineville, OR, US

Students in the Agricultural Science Program at Crook County High School leave with the knowledge of how their food and fiber is produced. Each student completes exercise and activities throughout the curriculum that gives them the skills needed to produce food, as well as educate others about food production practices now and into the future.

Henry Gathecha

Enschede, Enschede, NL

I will work on a project based on Mara and Serengeti ecosystem to show the Input of Soil Moisture on carrying capacity of the Biomass, which can be extended to other parts of the region and help in maximizing the use of the limited rainfall.

Andrea Moss

Burlington, IA, US

Trying to open a greenhouse for the community.

Sherry Dorrier

Dillwyn, VA, US

I pledge to feed the world by teaching the next generation about the importance of agriculture, protecting our environment, and caring for one another.


Hartley, IA, US

I pledge to continue to provide students with instruction concerning struggle with world hunger and how their involvement can make an impact.

hayden bell

Bokoshe, OK, US

Donate food to local food drives and food banks. Volunteer at soup kitchens, and develop a garden strictly used for local hunger problems.

Jose A. Bernal

Tucson, AZ, US

Teach students the value of raising livestock and growing crops, provide them with hands-on experience, and teach them to respect the fruits of the labor and soil. We can secure our future by teaching our students about stewardship.

Trevor Clemens

Thornburg, IA, US

In support of Dr. Borlaug, I plan to fight hunger by organizing a meal packaging event with my local FFA chapter. Not only will students gain the feeling of gratitude from feeding others, students will participate in a competition, allowing this activity to be more fun and entertaining!


Fort madison, IA, US

Give more back like clothing and shoes and food as much as I can because there is so much stuff that gets wasted and that could go to someone that needed it .


Donnellson, IA, US

I will help with the community.

Tate Pumphrey

Denmark, IA, US

give people food


Ft. Madison, IA, US

Donate items to local food pantry.


Fort Madiosn, IA, US

I will help with the community garden that our AG class is going to have.

Adam Christy

wever, IA, US

Help my community at my grandpas farmers market


wever, IA, US

Give people food


Wever, IA, US

I will help with the local garden that our school is planning on making.


Fort Madison, IA, US

I pledge to donate a variety of different foods and other items to the local food pantry. :)


Fort Madison, IA, US

Give food to people.


Fort Madison, IA, US

Donate different items to the food pantry.


Fort Madison, IA, US

I give food to the food pantry


Fort Madison, IA, US

I plant a garden by my house then give people fresh veggies during the summer



Give my grandma food from our garden.


oxford, NY, US

I pledge to donate food to my local soup kitchen


oxford, NY, US

I pledge to volunteer more often for our soup kitchen and food drives.

Jenna Hodge

Oxford, NY, US

Donate food to the soup kitchen

Daniel Woodford

Oxford, NY, US

Donate food to the soup kitchen


oxford, NY, US

I pledge to donate food to a soup kitchen


Oxford, NY, US

I will go to a local farm and help out with milking or hay.


fort madison, IA, US

save energy

Cade Marshall

Fort Madison, IA, US

I pledge to save and


Fort Madison, IA, US

I'm going to plant a garden.

chase glenn harkey

fort madison ia, IA, US

i going to plant taters!!!!

Nic St. Clair

Fort Madison, IA, US

Help Homeless People.


fort madison, IA, US

im going to to start a homeless shelter .

Jace Prado

Fort Madison, IA, US

I pledge to help hunger.

Blake schrepfer

Fort madison, IA, US

Ima grow a garden


Fort Madison, IA, US

I pledge to start donating any canned foods to any churches to help end the hunger. Doing this will contribute to making the world a better place.


Fort Madison, IA, US

I pledge to start donating any canned foods to any churches to help end the hunger. Doing this will contribute to making the world a better place.


Fort Madison, IA, US

I'm going to help my grandma plant her garden.


fort madison, IA, US

Open a soup kitchen in the poorest part of the United States.


Fort Madison, IA, US

I am going to build a communtiy garden with Jaycee.

Tj Lematty

Fortmadison, IA, US

I pledge to grow a garden

Carlos Gonzales

Fort Madison, IA, US

make a community garden


Fort Madison, IA, US

I'm going to plant a garden for my family to use.

Carlos Gonzales

Fort Madison, IA, US

make a community garden

Emerald Joe

Fort madison, IA, US

I pledge to help care for a city garden.


Fort Madison, IA, US

I'm going to make a community garden.

Winter Hummell

Fort Madison, IA, US

I pledge to help build a green house and to help feed world hunger.

Lacey Dixon

Dover, DE, US

I pledge to increase my agriscience students' knowledge on the fight against hunger, the World Food Prize and Dr. Borlaug. I also pledge to increase my efforts to end hunger and serve more in community efforts.


Ibadan, Oyo State, NG

In recent times due to quest for quick money, white collar jobs, there has been a great decline in agric. activities thereby leading to hunger. I want to target the young youth, help change their mindset, then in my little way to by make the face of agric more attractive not only in words but by action. Make them agriculturally self sustainable

Alyssa McCann

Oxford, NY, US

I pledge to volunteer more often at the local soup kitchens and donate more to the local food drives.


oxford, NY, US

I pledge to donate canned goods and grow a vegetable garden at home to donate vegetables to the soup kitchen.


Bainbridge, NY, US

I pledge to provide quality milk threw my family dairy farm and also educate the public threw New York Dairy Princess Program


Oxford, NY, US

I pledge to start bringing in food items during food drives to help needy families


oxford, NY, US

I pledge to donate canned goods to my local soup kitchen.


Oxford, NY, US

I pledge to donate can goods and also work at my local soup kitchen through FFA


Greene, NY, US

I pledge to volunteer at the soup kitchen with the FFA and donate food to needy families.


Oxford, NY, US

I will be active in FFA and volunteer at the local soup kitchen

Ariel Rivers

State College, PA, US

I pledge to continue to research agricultural practices addressing some of our most critical needs: soil fertility, water management, energy use, and biodiversity conservation. Meanwhile, I hope to continue spreading the word about entomophagy (eating insects!) as a valuable food security intervention!


Oxford, NY, US

I pledge to help grow food for the aoup kitchen, along with rasing chickens to donate for the soup kitchen

Alejandro Michelena

Tacuarembó, Tacuarembó, UY

Estoy trabajando ad honorem en la FARM, con los jóvenes de las gremiales miembro. ( somos conscientes de que nuestro territorio es el mejor posicionado para enfrentar la creciente demanda global de alimentos y las inversiones están llegando a nuestros países, el desafío es que integre a los jóvenes productores..


Melvin, IA, US

I pledge to help save this planet?

Devon Ten Kley

Melvin, IA, US

Don't waste food

Erica Smith

Harley, IA, US

I pledge to grow my own food in a healthy environment. I pledge to give some food in my capability to the people in need besides myself. I will do what is in the best interest, agriculturally, for myself and as many others as I can affect.

Kira Baatz

Hartley, IA, US

I pledge to help with meals on wheels. When I am at State Convention I will exceed my abilities in helping with Meals of The Heartland. All the food I am given to eat I will eat, but say a prayer for those in need of food. My family and I make it a necessity to save our food and not to waste any of it. When given all chances I will give canned food...

Bob The Builder

Spencer, IA, US

I am helping by my work at a vet. We help by making the animals healthy and keeping them healthy

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