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World Food Prize Foundation Announces Appointment of New Archival Program Coordinator


The World Food Prize Foundation announced today that Abby Schulte has joined its staff as a Program Coordinator. 

"With great pleasure, we welcome Abby Schulte to the team at the World Food Prize Foundation,” said Barbara Stinson, President of the World Food Prize Foundation. “With the addition of this permanent new position at the Foundation, we recognize our important role in maintaining the assets of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, our 50 Laureates and the organization's work over the last 30 plus years."

As a Program Coordinator, Ms. Schulte will be responsible for the organization and implementation of the Foundation's historic and extensive archive materials while also maintaining the archive of the former president, Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn. In addition, she will assist with the development of the Laureate Society Docent program. 

"It's a great honor to join the talented team at the World Food Prize Foundation in the work they are doing to combat global food insecurity," said Ms. Schulte. "There's an incredible history of hunger fighting preserved in the Foundation's archive, and I look forward to collaborating with staff to preserve its contents and promote educational opportunities through further access to its resources."

Ms. Schulte will work to preserve, promote and expand the archives, incorporating historical perspectives into the Foundation’s mission. Through grant writing, cataloging, digitizing and conducting special research projects, she hopes to increase the accessibility and educational value of the archives’ contents. As part of this project, she will oversee the creation of a digital archive for the Foundation. 

Prior to her position at the Foundation, Ms. Schulte worked with a variety of archives and museum collections through the Iowa Quilt Museum, the Capitol Hill Internship Program in Washington, D.C., and the Simpson College Archive.

In 2018, the Culver Center selected her to attend the National Campaign for Political & Civic Engagement conference at the Harvard Institute of Politics. Upon return, she served on the development committee for the Simpson Dialogue Series, which brings students together in respectful, structured dialogue sessions to share their views on controversial and challenging issues. 

In 2020, she was awarded the Joe Walt Outstanding Student in History Award. Ms. Schulte brings a passion for sharing knowledge and history to further the development of the archives at the World Food Prize Foundation.

Ms. Schulte graduated from Simpson College in May of 2020 with a B.A. in history and political science. During her undergraduate career she worked as an Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere Ambassador and John C. Culver Public Policy Fellow.

Ms. Schulte replaces Megan DeSart who left the organization in May 2020. You can contact Ms. Schulte at 515-381-7359 or by email at

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