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Hormel Food Corp/Project Spammy

Hormel Foods Corp, in partnership with Caritas, in Guatemala City, Guatemala has hosted two high school interns since 2014.

Hormel Foods has been working with partners in Guatemala, including Caritas and the Center for Study of Sensory Impariment, Aging and Metabolism (CeSSIAM), since 2008 to provide SPAMMY, a fortified poultry product designed by Hormel Foods, as a means to address malnutrition in children. Project SPAMMY has become an initiative to save lives in Guatemala by reducing malnutrition. SPAMMY is currently distributed to more than 8,300 Guatemalan families, representing over 30,000 children.

Tailored to meet the specific micronutrient needs of children in Guatemala, Hormel Foods and their partners, including Caritas, continue to conduct research around the benefits of supplementing traditional diets with high-quality protein and micronutrients to better develop the SPAMMY product. Working alongside Project SPAMMY researchers, including Dr. Noel Solomons and Dr. Melissa Bonorden, Borlaug-Ruan interns assist with furthering this research by working with children who participate in Project SPAMMY educational programs.

Borlaug-Ruan interns also have the opportunity to travel around Guatemala with their hosts and colleagues to see areas like the historic city of Antigua and Lake Atatlan.

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