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Costa Rica - EARTH University

EARTH University

The EARTH University in Limón, Costa Rica has hosted four high school interns since 2012.

Established in 1986, EARTH is preparing young people from Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions, including Africa and Asia, to contribute to the sustainable development of the tropics and to construct a prosperous and just society.

EARTH has extensive experience searching for innovative solutions to challenges in sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation and natural resource management.

Interns at EARTH University work alongside renowned international researchers and experts - like Dr. José Moro-Mendez, Dr. B.K. Singh, Nico Evers, Sofía Montero Vargas, Fabián Campos, Luis Carazo, Dr. Jorge Arce, Raul Botero, in the fields and villages near Limón and La Florita.

The students also have the opportunity to travel around Costa Rica with their host families and colleagues to see areas like the Talamanca region in the South Caribbean. As well, they might have the chance to carry out research and other activities related to critical environmental issues in certain indigenous Costa Rican communities that are conserving their local heritage and culture.

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