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Apply for Borlaug-Ruan VIRTUAL Internship

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Applications now open until Sunday, December 4, 2022 at 11:59 pm CST! 

APPLY HERE for VIRTUAL INTERNSHIPS ONLY. Do not apply for both in-person and virtual. 

This year, the World Food Prize Foundation will continue to offer some 2023 Borlaug-Ruan Internships as virtual, remote work internship experiences that do not require any travel. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL. Virtual internships are for students who cannot travel during summer 2023. 

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Any student who has participated in, volunteered for, or has other involvement with a World Food Prize Foundation program and is 17 years old or older (on June 1, 2023) is eligible to apply. 

World Food Prize Foundation programs include:

  • A Youth Institute
  • Global Youth Institute
  • USDA Wallace-Carver Fellowship
  • George Washington Carver Internship
  • Board of Reviewers

TIMEFRAME: The 2023 Borlaug-Ruan International Internships are planned to take place through the months of May - August 2023. 

INTERNSHIP EXPECTATIONS: Borlaug-Ruan International Virtual Interns will be required to commit at least 20 hours per week to internship work over the course of the summer to their host organization. The weekly work schedule and hours of operation/collaboration will be jointly determined by the Intern and their Supervisor based on the needs of the project, organizational logistics, availability and staff scheduling. 

Borlaug-Ruan Interns are expected to participate in, and present at, the World Food Prize Foundation Global Youth Institute and International Borlaug Dialogue in October 2023 as a core component of the experience. As a capstone to their internship, Borlaug-Ruan Interns are required to develop a research paper or other knowledge product, as well as provide summary presentations for their host organization and the World Food Prize Foundation, as requested. 

REQUIRED MATERIALS: It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all of the required materials listed below are submitted in their application in order to be considered for a 2023 Borlaug-Ruan International Virtual Internship. 

A checklist of all the application materials is available for download here.

1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae

The selection committee and host organizations will see this, so ensure that your resume or CV is updated and includes relevant work experience, school and community involvement, leadership activities, and relevant research/projects. Try to limit your resume to one page.

2. School Transcript

You’ll need to submit your most recent academic transcript. An unofficial version is acceptable - a scan of the printed transcript is preferred, but a screenshot of the transcript digitally displayed is allowed. If enrolled at university, please submit both your high school and university transcripts. If you are a first year college student and you don’t have grades for the first semester yet, please upload proof of what courses you are enrolled in (e.g. screenshot of a digital display of your enrollment or class schedule). 

3. Writing Sample

Imagine that you are recommending yourself to a host organization. What do you want them to know about you? What skills do you have? What accomplishments? What relevant interests and passions will you share?

Persuade the host organization to take you on as an intern by preparing a biography (maximum one page). Please upload your biography in PDF or Word format. Your biography may actually be sent to a host organization, so give this some thought!

4. Headshot

Please upload a headshot-style photo (at least includes head and shoulders). The photo does not need to be professional. The photo will be used on the World Food Prize Foundation website ONLY if the student is selected as an intern.

5. Parent / Guardian Consent Form

Download the Parent / Guardian Consent form here. Then print, sign, scan, and upload the completed form in the application. Digital signature is acceptable. 

6. Recommendations

Provide the names and information for two references. One must be a teacher who has had you as a student in class. The other reference can be a teacher, coach, employer, or mentor. A parent or relative can not serve as a reference.

Note: You must request your two references to complete the online Recommendation Form by December 18, 2022 on your behalf. The form is located at The World Food Prize Foundation may contact your references to verify the information submitted. 

A downloadable copy of the 2023 application form for the VIRTUAL internship is available HERE for your reference as you prepare your answers and materials, but you must complete the 2023 online application form to be considered for the internship. All application materials must be uploaded together to complete and submit your application form online. 

2023 Borlaug-Ruan International VIRTUAL Internship Online Application Here


Questions? Contact: Rebecca Picard at RPICARD@WORLDFOODPRIZE.ORG 

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