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Each year on October 16 the World Food Prize Foundation recognizes World Food Day in conjunction with Dr. Norman Borlaug/World Food Prize Day in Iowa.

In honor of Dr. Borlaug's humanitarian legacy, we have previously commissioned a poster each year for teachers to hang in their classrooms as an inspiration to students, as Dr. Borlaug's legacy is a continual reminder of the role Iowans play in feeding our world.

The World Food Prize believes in the importance of including youth in conversations regarding the future of global food security and we think their creativity is equally important as it will take all of our talents to feed our growing world.

So with that in mind we have chosen to evolve our recognition of Dr. Norman Borlaug/World Food Prize Day in Iowa by empowering youth to change the world through a poster contest that encourages young artists to share their creative talents with others.

All students interested in participating can submit their own unique piece of art that encapsulates their vision of the future of food, agriculture and food security with the hope of instilling inspiration for their peers to move towards careers that will support the global initiative of a food secure world.

The winning art piece will be used as the focal point of the 2019 Borlaug Day poster and shared with classrooms across our state to educate and inspire students to aspire to be Iowa's #NextNorm.


Submissions will only be considered if they meet the following requirements:

- Dr. Norman Borlaug should be included in some capacity within the artwork.

- Submissions must be made by an Iowa High School Student (Grades 9-12).

- Submitted artwork may be created with any and all mediums, but must be 2-dimensional and measure 13” wide X 18” high and be vertical (portrait) in orientation. 

- Artwork is to be submitted in electronic format with a resolution of 300 dpi and in jpg or png format. For artwork that is not created on a digital platform, please submit a high resolution photo of the art piece. 

- All parts of the artwork must be original content and cannot include any copyrighted material with the exception of World Food Prize related materials.

- Entries are limited to ONE SUBMISSION PER ARTIST.

The World Food Prize Foundation reserves the right to alter the final poster design or to reject all submissions for the final poster design. All submissions become the property of the World Food Prize Foundation and may be used for commercial purposes. No entries will be returned.

Submission Form

Important Dates

Submission Open Date: January 29, 2019
Submission Deadline: May 30, 2019
Decision Announced: July 1, 2019
Iowa Hunger Summit: October 14, 2019

All applicants will be contacted on July 1, 2019 via email to provide them with the status of their submission.

All students are welcomed and encouraged to attend the 2019 Iowa Hunger Summit on Monday, October 14 at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown. The Hunger Summit is free and open to the public, but does require registration which can be found at

The summit includes a complimentary lunch, student focus breakout sessions, and many opportunities for students to engage further in initiatives aimed towards eliminating local and global food insecurity. For more information on student breakout sessions at the Iowa Hunger Summit, please visit

Dr. Borlaug & The World Food Prize

Dr. Borlaug was raised in Cresco, a small farming community in northeast Iowa. He learned his work ethic on a small mixed crop and livestock family farm and obtained initial education in a one-room rural school house.

In 1970 Norman E. Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for a lifetime of work to feed a hungry world. Because of his achievements to prevent hunger, famine and misery around the world, it is said that Dr. Borlaug has "saved more lives than any other person who has ever lived."

After Dr. Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he realized there should be a prestigious, international award given each year to honor the work of great agricultural scientists working to end hunger and improve the food supply.

In 1986, he founded The World Food Prize, an annual $250,000 award that he hoped would both highlight and inspire breakthrough achievements in improving the quality, quantity and availability of food in the world, and which is now often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture.”

For more information on Dr. Norman Borlaug, please visit the World Food Prize website.

"Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world."
Dr. Norman E. Borlaug


Madeline Goebel
Director, Iowa Hunger Summit and Community Outreach

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