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The Venue

Welcome to the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates. The Hall of Laureates welcomes special dinner gatherings, receptions, conferences and board meetings at all times of the year. We offer space and rooms that can accommodate groups of all sizes. You can even choose to have your meeting in one room and your lunch or dinner in another. 

The internationally renowned World Food Prize Foundation invites you to explore the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates for your upcoming event. This magnificently restored Beaux Arts space celebrates the spirit of giving, emphasizing the importance of global food security. Dr. Borlaug is honored for his role as the Father of the Green Revolution and the man who has saved more than one billion lives with his innovations in agriculture. The building also pays tribute to the World Food Prize Laureates and Iowa’s agricultural and humanitarian pioneers for their significant contributions to the global fight against hunger and helping to feed the world and improve the lives of others. 


The Borlaug Ballroom
The Ballroom is the single largest room in the Hall of Laureates and the space that is most transformed, located on the south side of the Rotunda. In the original library design, this area served as the Stacks Room and was actually a two-story space, separated with a glass floor and completely filled with bookcases. The room was a plain, utilitarian space. The original design can still be seen, as one part of the glass floor has been preserved as a balcony. The historic placement of the bookcases is marked in the new wood floors with a diagonal woodgrain pattern, suggesting their original location. This storage area has now been transformed into an elegant gathering space honoring Dr. Borlaug.
Theater Style - Seats 275
Rounds of 10 - Seats 220

The Borlaug Ballroom | Credit: Paul Taylor Photography

The Rotunda
The Rotunda, in which all visitors enter, holds a stained glass window that depicts a harvest family, grain sculptures, and lunette murals tracing Dr. Borlaug's life. The rotunda also contains the building's original stained-glass skylight, and quotes around the four sides of the rotunda that pertain to the purpose of the World Food Prize.
It is the perfect place for your  cocktail hour. 
Ceremony Style - Seats 170
Rounds of 10 - Seats 80

The Rotunda

The Ruan Laureates Room

The Ruan Laureate Room tells stories centered about the World Food Prize and the history of agriculture. A stained glass globe illustrates 12 areas where food production and agriculture originated. In the alcove, each of the 39 World Food Prize Laureates are represented by an engraved plaque. 

Theater Style - Seats 240
Rounds of 10 - Seats 140

Ruan Laureates Room Floor Plan

The Borlaug Ballroom


The Iowa Gallery



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