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2001 Ceremony

The 2001 world food prize was formally awarded to Dr. Per Pinstrup-Andersen in a ceremony held at the Des Moines Civic Center on October 18. The ceremony was part of the 2001 Borlaug Dialogue, themed "Risks to the World's Food Supply."

Dr. Pinstrup-Andersen was selected for his contribution to agricultural research and food policy which uplifted many around the world out of poverty and food insecurity. Read more on Dr. Pinstrup-Andersen's accomplishments here

The occasion was marked by the world premiere of three artistic works: a painting by Douglas Eckheart entitled "The Borlaug Family Farm;" a musical work composed by Steve Heitzeg and performed by the Des Moines Symphony under the director of Maestro Joseph Giunta entitled "Symphony to the Prairie Farm;" and a poem written by Michael Carey in honor of Dr. Borlaug entitled "On the Relationship between Food and Peace."

Dr. Per Pinstrup-Andersen receiving the World Food Prize Sculpture 2001 World Food Prize Laureate Bio Video

The Des Moines Civic Center


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