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2001 Ceremony

2001 - Dr. Per Pinstrup-Andersen

Dr. Pinstrup-Anderson of Denmark recieved the 2001 World Food Prize in a ceremony held at the Des Moines Civic Center.

The occasion was also marked the world premiere of three artistic works: a painting by Douglas Eckheart entitled "The Borlaug Family Farm;" a musical work composed by Steve Heitzeg and performed by the Des Moines Symphony under the director of Maestro Joseph Giunta entitled "Symphony to the Prairie Farm;" and a poem written by Michael Carey in honor of Dr. Borlaug entitled "On the Relationship between Food and Peace."

"Symphony to the Prairie Farm"
Performed by the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra

Steve Heitzeg and Maestro Joseph Giunta

The Des Moines Civic Center

"On the Relationship between Food and Peace"
from a suite of poems by Michael Carey

You cannot carry peace
on shoulders that are weak,
with bones that are bent
or a stomach that is crying

You cannot
shake a hand
with a hand
you cannot lift,
but you can
make a fist

What you don't feed
will never grow,
will never love,
will never be strong enough
to hold or save you

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