Iowa Hunger Summit

Hunger and Nutrition Resources


World Food Programme: Interactive Hunger Map and Country Database
A visual guide to world hunger with key data and statistics

International Fund for Agricultural Development: World Poverty Map
A visual guide to world poverty with key data and statistics

National and Local

Feeding America, the Howard G. Buffet Foundation and the Nielsen Company: Map the Meal Gap 2011
A report on food insecurity at the local community level in the United States

Feeding America and the ConAgra Foods Foundation: Child Food Insecurity: The Economic Impact on Our Nation
A report on the impact of food insecurity and hunger on child health, growth and development

Des Moines Area Religious Council: Mapping an End to Hunger in Greater Des Moines
A report on conversations of greater Des Moines residents who are experiencing hunger

Iowa Department of Public Health: The Health of Iowa: Impact of Overweight and Obesity
A report on nutrition and physical activity in Iowa


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