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2022 Exhibitors

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The World Food Prize Foundation is offering both virtual and in-person exhibition space at the Borlaug Dialogue. The in-person exhibition space is available in the form of an 8 foot table and these tables will be on the 3rd floor of the Iowa Events Center. The tables will be adjacent to the breakout and side event spaces. Our virtual exhibition space will be on our conference platform. We are back to full strength in-person and anticipate over 2000 additional virtual participants.  

The cost for both spaces is $750 (from Oct. 12-20 for virtual exhibitions and Oct. 17-20 for in-person). There will be additional charges for electricity use in-person, if required.  Exhibitors may also need to rent audio or visual equipment as well. 

The last day to apply for exhibition space is September 1st, 2022. 

An in-person exhibitor will also receive an included virtual space and the World Food Prize Foundation is encouraging the use of that virtual space as well. As our virtual program is longer than our in-person events, it will give organizations the opportunity to take advantage of both an in-person and virtual presence. The virtual portion of the Borlaug Dialogue will go from October 12 - 20; in-person / hybrid events from Oct. 17 - 20. 

Apply Now 

  • Virtual:  Oct 12, 2022 - Oct 21, 2022

  • In-person: Setup Oct 17, 2022

  • In-person Tables Open Oct 18, 2022 - Oct 20, 2022

  • Application process is rolling and space may be limited for an in-person table. 

  • Last day to apply: Sept 30, 2022

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