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A prominent feature of the International Borlaug Dialogue, side events provide a space for organizations and initiatives to coordinate and execute their own event in conjunction with the Dialogue to demonstrate work, promote further dialogue and engage attendees through hosted events, panels, receptions and announcements.

The 2020 International Borlaug Dialogue (October 12 - 16), will be offered in week-long, half-day sessions in a virtual setting. Through a series of varied components, registrants will hear from leaders and champions, take deep dives into key interdisciplinary topics, and interact with new and familiar partners and colleagues. 

For more information and to express interest in organizing a side event at the 2020 International Borlaug Dialogue, please contact Madeline Goebel.


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 October 12 - 16, 2020

Each day, we will offer three types of live sessions - a panel discussion, a roundtable session, and a workshop. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to connect with each other through a discussion board feature. Another prominent feature, side events, will provide a space for organizations and initiatives to demonstrate work, promote further dialogue and engage attendees. This year, the students of the Global Youth Institute will participate directly in presentations and discussions on key topics: Climate Change, Equity & Access, Nutrition, and Finance & Investment in the context of resilience. 


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Madeline Goebel
Director, Community Outreach

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