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Nicole Barreca

Nicole Barreca

Director of Communications and Events

Nicole Barreca joined the World Food Prize Foundation in 2012 as the Communications and Events Coordinator. In 2015 she was named Director of Communications and Events.

As Director of Communications and Events, Nicole manages the brand and identity of the Foundation. Her primary responsibilities include overseeing and implementing the annual communications, public relations strategy and budget for the organization and its international conference and award ceremony. She also manages the operations of the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates under the direction of the President and Vice President of the Foundation.

Nicole works closely with the media to foster relationships and secure coverage with local, national and international outlets. She is responsible for the social media direction of the organization and all public outreach.

Nicole graduated from Drake University in 2015 with her masters degree in Communication Leadership and from Grand View University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and graphic journalism with a minor in mass communications. She studied abroad in Italy and Greece during her undergraduate education.

You can contact Nicole at 515-245-3735 or by email at

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