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Joi Latson

Joi Latson

Program Coordinator
Global Youth Institute

Joi Latson joined the World Food Prize Foundation in September of 2020 as a Program Coordinator for the Global Youth Institute. She is responsible for assisting the Director of Youth Leadership Development in the implementation and creation of the annual World Food Prize Global Youth Institute.

Joi graduated from Iowa State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science Global Resource Systems and a minor in Languages and Cultures for Professions Spanish. As a part of her undergraduate education Joi studied abroad in Uganda where she conducted focus groups at the 8 Nutrition Education Centers (NECs) with pregnant and breastfeeding mothers about health, agricultural, and nutrition training they had received.

Prior to her position at the World Food Prize Foundation, Joi served as the EAB Student Success Program Assistant at Iowa State University. She created material, led training sessions on student success initiatives and worked with campus partners to provide resources to close achievement gaps amongst students. Joi was also a member of the Peace Corps and stationed in Guatemala.

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